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From KC to HBCUs

The best indicator of what we do is the students who go from HBCU Prospects to HBCU Rookies.

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Our Rookies who have gone on to become HBCU Alumni!


Meet Faith. A Texas resident by way of Kansas City, Faith had the makings of any college recruiters wishes. She was smart, beautiful, active, and most of all, passionate about living a life that would lead to spiritual and financial success. Teetering between many schools, she finally committed to Prairie View A&M University where she is a thriving Junior and an adorable #HBCUWalkingBillboard.


Meet Will. This young baseball phenom is the perfect example of a student athlete. Studying Engineering while serving as a campus leader is but the tip of the iceberg for all this young man can do. His grades? Stellar. His skills? Undeniable. His choice? Jackson State University. Whether on the field or off, Will is an awesome #HBCUWalkingBillboard.


Meet TateAnna. A genius, a poet, and a cheerleader, the HBCU legacy was in her blood. With her grades, spoken words, and overall endless talents, she could have gone anywhere. Her future alma mater? None other than Fisk University. This rising Junior and Data Science major who continues to carry the torch as an #HBCUWalkingBillboard.


Meet Mya. With an impressive GPA, a competitive ACT score, and the will to be the best in all things, Mya could have gone to any school she wished. After much research and careful consideration, Mya chose Xavier University of Louisiana! Majoring in Accounting and Spanish, she is currently in her Senior year at XULA and continues to serve as a most ideal #HBCUWalkingBillboard.


Meet Kelli. A young woman with the ability to light up a room and learn with the best of them, Kelli is well on her way. Despite financial challenges, her faith led her to attend and graduate from Dillard University. From the classroom to the teacher, she is now an elementary educator reaching back to help others. No matter what has come her way, she has held fast and stood strong as an #HBCUWalkingBillboard.


Meet Alfred Baskerville IV. A Kansas City native and Gates Millenium Scholar, Alfred transferred to Morehouse College where he graduated with honors. He is now pursuing a doctorate degree with the intentions of becoming an educator. This awesome young scholar is the first to fulfill all aspects of the #HBCUWalkingBillboard mission.


Meet Mariah. This science junkie had a knack for poetry and love for volleyball. Her written expression and public speaking skills were added talents to her awesome academic performance. Though her college options were extensive, Mariah chose Xavier University of Louisiana where she is studying to become a medical professional. We're so happy she chose to become an #HBCUWalkingBillboard.


Meet Arion. This brilliant young woman has always walked to the beat of her own drum. Having been exposed to international travel and HBCUs during her middle and high school career, she found comfort in choosing her school. This makeup master and political activist is a proud 2020 graduation of Clark Atlanta University. Congrats to her as she continues to be an #HBCUWalkingBillboard


Meet Taj'Zhere. A Kansas City native with the gift of spoken word and superb artistic ability, she knew she was HBCU bound! Through hard work and dedication, she fulfilled that dream when she chose Clark Atlanta University. Highly active on campus, while holding down her studies, Taj'Zhere completed her degree in psychology at CAU. She is definitely an #HBCUWalkingBillboard.


Meet Davion. This hardworking young man is the eldest of his siblings and leading by example. Using the power of networking and relationships, he has maintained focus and will enter his second year at Morehouse College this Fall. Active on campus and within his community, Davion is indeed an #HBCUWalkingBillboard!


Meet Eriana. A volleyball playing, track running scholar who knows how to laugh and enjoy life. After working hard to complete her high school diploma, Eriana made the decision to head to Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. She had a successful first year and plans to return this Fall!


Meet Logan. Having overcome personal loss and tragedy, she never stopped believing in herself. After much exposure to HBCUs and working with her family and college advisor, she settled on Harris-Stowe State University. Her first year was better than she expectd as she claimed her spot among the #HBCUWalkingBillboard Family!


Meet Dominique. This bubbly young woman followed her older sisters on the path to an HBCU! Landing at Fisk University, she has done her part to serve her campus and her community. In addition to mentoring students from her hometown and high school, she is also a campus ambassador and cheerleader. She will graduate from Fisk University in May 2021 and continue to be an #HBCUWalkingBillboard!


Meet Beverly. Beverly has always understood the meaning of the hustle. Her skills with hair and art and everything in between has helped her build the capacity to soar. After much contemplation about college, she made the bold choice to leave the nest and head for Louisiana to study Mass Communications at Grambling State University! As she enters her second year, she has enjoyed her time at school and served as a great #HBCUWalkingBillboard!


Meet Rayanna. Her high school work ethic paid off and many doors were opened up to her. With so much opportunity on the table, she had a tough decision to make. Planning to study Psychology, Rayanna is headed to The Mecca to study at the illustrious Howard University this Fall. Congrats to her as she becomes an #HBCUWalkingBillboard!

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